The author Maggie Nelson writes in her book The Art of Cruelty A Reckoning :

I, too, have often wondered whether there exists a greater pleasure than the feeling - however brief of illusory - that by writing, one is in fact incinerating layers of crap rather than tossing more of it onto the landfill. This can be a difficult feeling to achieve when the medium is language. One cannot simply offer up a white page and a stopwatch and produce the illuminating, cleansing effect of "silence", as John Cage did in 4'33''. Nor can you easily do what artist Gordon Matta-Clark did: take out the BB gun, the handsaw, the chainsaw, the knife, and start making "core cuts" in the structures that surround us, in order to startle us into seeing new vistas or patterns of light.



I quote Maggie Nelson only to say that my motor is to make "core cuts" by making proposals that speak for themselves by refining my aesthetics, trusting the power of imagination through humour, violence, objects, bodies, morality, immorality and everything in between.

Camille Paycha - born in Paris (FR) in 1992 - based in Oostende (BE).

I graduated from the Academy for Circus and Performance Art in Tilburg in 2015 with the aerial straps as specialisation.

Since 2015 I have been working on my own projects with first the Helaba Compagnie (I ate the entire fruitsalad, for the 500 years death anniversary of the painter Jheronimus Bosch). I then founded with Noortje Sanders and Thijs Veerman The Hangman Radioshow, a site specific performance on the scope of radio. 2020 marks the beginning of a period full of exciting projects both as author and as performer for others (Radio Sancha, Janni van Goor, Side-Show...). This period was also marked by beautiful encounters and new collaborations. Camille gathered a team for a collective mise en scène of the show Ice Skates And Other Cruelties: Laura Gilles-Pick, Markéta de Borggraef and Stéphane Gilles-Pick.



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Picture : Gus & Stella