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In Ice Skates And Other Cruelties you will see smooth moves and sharp glass. You may also see sharp moves on smooth glass. Hopefully a carved body will slice the ice. We will try to avoid that carved ice will slice the body.
It is a performance for one human body and the material of glass. We will wonder who is more alive: the human or the glass ?
Follow the brutal poetry and enjoy the gorgeous cruelty.

Ice Skates And Other Cruelties explores the political power of imagination through the use of the material of glass. I am, in this case, most interested in anti patriarchal purposes. Glass was a material used multiple times in the sixties and seventies by famous feminist performance artists such as Gina Pane, Valie Export and Hannah Vilke. The idea was then to interrogate the objectification of the female body by using shattered glass both as symbol and as a tool for self-inflicted pain. They are not passive receiver of violence from another, but an active inscriber onto themselves. What I take from this is not the self-inflicted pain (I am not that brave... and I do not want to re enact a performance from the 60's) but rather the fact of employing the body as material. What those artists introduce is an alternative to the binary thinking of good and bad, moral and amoral, active and passive. Ice Skates And Other Cruelties consists in a choreography of one human body and the material of glass which draws the lines of a constantly transforming landscape where something cruel can find its poetry and something beautiful can reveal all its violence in a fraction of a second. This moving landscape, taking place on a synthetic ice rink, aims at triggering our collective imagination by making space both literally and figuratively.



on the 27th March 2021 in De Grote Post in Oostende Belgium.

Shortlisted CircusNext 2020-2021, co-funded by the EU programme Creative Europe

Coproductions: Perplx (Kortrijk, BE), De Grote Post (Oostende, BE).

Residencies: Circuscentrum (Gent, BE), De Grote Post (Oostende, BE), Perplx (Kortrijk, BE), Cirqueon (Praha, CZ).

Click on CREATION NOTES to have an insight of the thoughts process behind Ice Skates And Other Cruelties. A bit of reading until I can physically share the show with you. 

© 2020 Camille Paycha

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