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CREATION 2021   More info soon


In Ice Skates And Other Cruelties you will see smooth moves and sharp glass. You may also see sharp moves on smooth glass. Hopefully a carved body will slice the ice. We will try to avoid that carved ice will slice the body.
It is a performance for one human body and the material of glass. We will wonder who is more alive: the human or the glass ?
Follow the brutal poetry and enjoy the gorgeous cruelty.

Shortlisted CircusNext 2020-2021, co-funded by the EU programme Creative Europe

Coproductions: Perplx (Kortrijk, BE), De Grote Post (Oostende, BE).

Residencies: Circuscentrum (Ghent, BE), De Grote Post (Oostende, BE), Perplx (Kortrijk, BE). 

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