Camille Paycha

France - 24/08/1992



Ruben Mardulier

Belgium – 17/09/1993

After ten years of gymnastics, Camille's

passion for art takes over and she wants to use her skills in a more artistic way : she discovers the circus world. It quickly becomes what she wants to do as a profession which brings her to the south of France for the preparatory school Piste d’Azur for one year. Then she entres the Academy of Circus and Performance Art of Tilburg (NL) where she got specialised in aerial straps. Straps is for her a wonderfull combination of strength, movement, acrobatics on the floor and in the air.

It allows her to share a bit of her world. →



Ruben studied in the Academy for Circus and Performance Art in Tilburg(NL) where he specialized in acrodanse; an acrobatic research that nourishes itself from contemporary dance. Ruben likes to challenge his body, to get surprised.


pictures:  © Brecht van Maele
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